Commitment to the Blog

Embark on a journey to paradise.

Commitment to the Blog

A commitment... is something few can make these days. Because I am hosting my own publication, I have the freedom to curate it as I choose. Additionally, because I am not using it as my primary source of income, I am not monetarily driven to take advantage of my user base. Thus I am able to offer you pure content, and hopefully, a safe place to discuss it.

My initial commit to this blog:

  • No Ads
  • No clickbait
  • No claim of unbias
  • No promise of political correctness
  • No ask for anything in return
  • Transparency

I am reserving the right to change this stance at any time, but if I do it will be fully disclosed.

I truly hope you enjoy and benefit from my experiences: my views, opinions, reviews, guides, and more.

Privacy Notes
If you use Do Not Track (DNT) in your browser it will be honored. I do run Google Analytics on this site. It is only collecting anonymous data to gauge website traffic. I have disabled all data sharing features. I have also disabled the collection of any demographic information, or information that could be considered personal.